Tools of The Trade

I have tried to keep the list of materials and tools for each project in this course nice and simple. Not only will this minimise cost but also confusion! So before you get stuck into project 1 print out the handy 'Materials List' and make sure you have the tools you will need to work some crochet magic!

You will also notice that at the start of each project there is a lovely little illustrated reminder of the bits & bobs needed for that specific project.


To complete All 4 projects (+ HACKS 8!)

You will definitely need:

1 x size 4mm hook

1 x size 6mm hook

1 x size 8mm hook

large eyed wool needle

snips/sewing scissors



stitch marker

Project specific tools

pom-pom maker

leather/paper punch

1m lining fabric

sewing machine

pillow pad or toy stuffing

For the Hacks! Don't worry about these bits now its just good to have a little list for future crafting.

0.5m square dowel

staple gun

leather bag strapping

Remember - DOWNLOAD + PRINT the materials Shopping list out below and see what you already have stashed away at home!