Pom-Pom Styling!

You can never go wrong with a pom-pom! Use to add an extra pop of colour or to add a cute finish to any project.

If you have never used a modern pom-pom maker before don't panic! There is a handy little video at the end of this section to show you how.

You will need:

pompom maker



needle to attach to project

(Follow the specific instructions that come with your pom-pom maker)

  1. Open out the right legs of your pom-pom maker
  2. Wrap yarn around until full, close
  3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 on left side
  4. Snip all around the outside of the pom-pom maker
  5. Cut a short length of yarn to secure your pom-pom by wrapping around the cut section
  6. Pull tight before you tie!
  7. Remove the pom-pom maker by pulling the 2 section apart
  8. Trim any long strands of yarn to create a lovely even little pom!

TIP! If you are planning to attach your pompom to a project make sure to leave the 2 ends you tied with long enough to sew with